Hi, I'm Ernesto Vizcaíno 🤘

the future

a Coder, I specialize in Frontend Development and Mobile Development
using React, I'm in love with Javascript and Python,
I never stop learning.



These are some posts that I have written

Martes, 26 de enero del 2021

¿Que es Strapi?

Strapi en pocas palabras es un sistema gestor de contenidos, o CMS por sus siglas en inglés, y es un software que corre dentro de un navegador que te permite administrar el contenido de un sitio web.



These are some of the projects I have been working on

Traver Web

With Traver you can connect with all the people of your city in a single online community ...Read more
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Traver App

With the Traver App you can connect with all the people of your city in a single online co...Read more
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Miel "El Meno"

Web Page for Miel "El Meno" made with Next.js
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Parroquia de Rioverde

The official site of the parish of Santa Catarina created using Next.js.
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Image Recognision

Web application using an image recognition model. I learned TensorFlow JS.
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Face Recognition

Face recognition in the browser using Face-api.js
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Podcast App

A Podcast App created with Next.JS
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Rick And Morty Enciclopedia

A basic Rick And Morty Enciclopedia using ReactJs and the rick and morty API.
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Guess the rgb color

Guess the rgb color is a vanilla JS app
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